HOW TO: Get ready for a mums' night out

October 29, 2017

Step 1: Give yourself a 'wash' with a Huggies wipe and pick bits of sandwich/Rusks/rice cakes out of your hair. 
Step 2: Put on ALL the make-up you own, but haphazardly as you're (as always) in a massive rush, with one eye watching the kid/s and one hand batting away the bits on food that are still flying your way.
Step 3: Continue to do kids' bathtime routine as normal because boyfriend cannot cope solo. 

Step 4: Have a second wash from the bath water that's inevitably splashed at you, soaking your hair and smearing your (shoddily applied) make-up.
Step 5: Forget what night-time weather is like so put on the most inappropriate outer-layer you can find. 

Step 6: Run out of the house looking like you've escaped from an asylum.


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